Mcnifty Trump

McNifty Constitution

1776 - Congratulations to all founding fathers (you will receive a Founding Member role). We will do our best to find unique benefits for founding fathers.

This is also when we will begin our treasure hunt. By owning particular NFTs in our collection you can receive historical characters from Jon's famous paintings. Each NFT will be unique (not fractionalized) and rare.  You will want to own as many "background" traits as possible to accumulate these historic characters.

2024 - As we approach 2024 McNifty's minted we will begin snapshotting wallets so holders can meet the March 1 AirDrop deadline for completing the treasure hunt.

At this point we will also be voting on the name and structure of our Patriot Lodge built in the Metaverse.

2222  - The cost to mint is .15. The great part is that from this point we will match every mint (purchase) with a Biden airdrop. The Biden collection (name revealed soon) will be based on Jon McNaughton's upcoming painting, which should create a great deal of media attention and put a nice nail in the coffin for the former Vice President.

4547 - As we approach the historic number of 45,47 it is important to start focusing on helping the upcoming causes and campaigns. We will be using our NFTs and memes from character drops to unleash a sophisticated meme war operation using Jon's art.

The community has voted to freeze the Trump Legacy Collection at this point. This provides an excellent opportunity to build our community, create anticipation for the Biden collection and eventually "thaw" the freeze when the time is right and it can be of the greatest benefit to the community. The maximum amount of NFTs that can ever be minted for the Trump Legacy Collection is 10,000.


Feb. 17 - FJB Collection airdrop. We matched FJB holders with their McNifty Trump NFT purchases (up to 10) 1:1. 

Feb. 28 - LetsGo.Finance (partner of McNifty) will have an updated Marketplace for collections. Benefits for the McNifty community when using LetsGo will be announced soon. 

March 2 - Snapshot for classic character airdrop #1

March 2 - Biden painting release

March 7-26 - Buy a McNifty and we will match 1:1 with with a Biden airdrop. Anyone who buys can elect to burn-to-earn a Trump NFT for a 2nd Biden airdrop.

March 11 - Breitbart snapshot for classic character airdrop #2

Mach 20 - Credit Card integration for Mint Engine. You will only need a credit card and wallet address to buy. You will not need to buy with Wallet. This is minted automatically when you buy - not manually minted later. BTC integration is expected by the end of the month.

March 28 - Biden Collection Drop!

How to acquire a Biden NFT
-You will be able to mint an Biden Collection NFT on March 28, 2022.
-You will need to "earn" a spot to get on the whitelist - details coming soon
-We will also implement a "burn-to-earn" sacrifice of Trump McNifty for a Biden McNifty
-You will be able to "win" a Biden NFT - details coming soon

Community Fund
A percentage of revenue will go to the McNifty Guild. This guild will generate rewards that go back to the community. The people who hold a Trump McNifty NFT from 1 to 1776, those who own a Biden Collection McNifty and those who own classic character airdrops will receive the most benefits.

The Guild is broken down into two segments:

-Staking Pools

-Gaming/NFT Pools

The staking pool is a simple way to generate revenue in a “safe” way without too much risk. We can stake USDC or a cryptocurrency to generate yield.

The gaming and NFT pools are a form of revenue generation and networking. We are getting involved with and growing existing projects and networks to expand our base.

Through active participation in the gaming guilds we will create hundreds of sponsors that will result in a massive network of gamers, social media participants, etc in addition to additional revenue. This is a higher risk pool but what we consider an excellent marketing cost as we grow our base of networks and participants.

Rewards Breakdown:

Classic Characters are the only way to earn rewards from the Pools. Every character you own is a percentage of rewards you can receive. But…

You need a 1 to 1776 Trump NFT to pair of to the classic character to count OR a Biden Collection NFT (1776 total supply) to pair up with the classic character. So it’s a 1:1 value for either of those combos.

How to acquire classic characters:

You can collect classic characters in a few different ways. - You earn them based on what Trump NFT background you own.

- You can mint them if selected on whitelist (limited spots available)

- You can participate in a "burn-to-earn" sacrifice (limited spots each drop).


If You have a Metamask Wallet to Mint your NFT. Get your Trump Legacy Collection NFTbelow!


$FJB holders are elegible for special prizes and more.
War Room Partnership ANNOUNCED!

This is the first of several McNifty Collections. The next collection will be of Biden (Let's Go Brandon!) and is based on Jon’s upcoming painting that will be released at the end of the month or beginning of February. We are not allowed to give more details than that but it could be Jon's best-selling painting yet!

The ongoing collection will be part of what we call “The Forgotten Man” series. The Forgotten Man is Jon’s most famous painting and really encapsulated the reason that Donald Trump was able to rise into his position as President.

The Trump Collection will get you special access and privilege’s for all future collections.

We are working with LetsGo.Finance, whom is working with some of the top media and political figures to release their collections. The Trump McNifty is the Alpha collection – meaning it is the key to getting access for everything else that is to come.

This is all on top of the fact that each McNifty is a Jon McNaughton original. This is your chance to own a piece of history.


McNaughton is labeled by the left as the Norman Rockwell from Hell.


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